Redwall Powder-superplasticizers
Column:Product introduction Time:2019-11-07

Product:Poly naphthalene sulfonate sodium salt (PNS)


-Improves the flow properties of the concrete mix by dispersing the particles and 

 breaking up agglomeration by electrostatic repulsion. 

-Improves the rheological and mechanical properties of concrete such as 

 workability, compressive and flexural strengths, modulus of elasticity.

  Properties                          Unit                  Specification

Solids content                   % w/w                   90.0-94.0

Sodium sulfate content     % w/w                   24 max.

pH of 10% solution                                        7.0-10.0

Chlorides (as Cl-)                  ppm                  650max.

Properties                            Unit                     Typical

General appearance                                   brown powder

Ionic nature                                                    anionic

Chlorides (as Cl-)              ppm                      90 typical

Solubility                                         soluble in hard or soft water


-High and ultra-high performance concrete 

-Self-compacting concrete 

-Pumped concrete -Marine concrete

-Pervious concrete                       

-Gunite concrete

-Precast concrete                        

-Architectural concrete 

-Blended cement concrete               

-Lightweight concrete

-Pre-packaged concrete, mortar or grout


-Very High strength                      

-High early strength

-Good workability

-Low water-to-cement ratio, down to 0.3 and less

-Reduced cement and reduced carbon footprint

-Good durability and sustainability


Redwall PNS is a major ingredient in different types of Superplasticizer 



-Normal dosage rate: 200-1000g per 100kg of cement

-Other dosages may be required depending on specific conditions

-Redwall PNS fluidified concrete remains workable for approximately 90 minutes 

 at 20oC 

-Duration of workability also depends on:

-type of cement-nature of aggregates 

-method of mixing-method of transportation 

-ambient temperature

-When added at normal dosages, it will not significantly affect the concrete’s 

 hydration heat

Packaging, Storage   

-supplied in 1000kg and 1250kg bages

and Handling:  

-storage at room temperature is recommended

Safety and Handling   

-Mildly alkaline material


-Eyes: direct contact may cause irritation

-Skin: prolonged contact may cause irritation

-Ingestion: May be harmful


-Wash thoroughly after handling

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