Redwall JBJ
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Releasing polycarboxylate sodium salt (PCE), Slow-release Comb-polycarboxylate 


-Improves the flow properties of the concrete by polycarboxylate superplasticizers 

 with mixingREDWALL JBJ

-Provides extended slump retention for ready-mix applications.

-Engineers for hot weather concrete, long haul or to minimize the need for slump 

 adjustment at the jobsite.

-Promotes complexity at the jobsite: time consumption, QC time and risk of over 

 dosage of superplasticizer or of adding water.

Properties                     Unit             Specification

Solids content                 % w/w              38-40

pH of 10% solution                                  5.0-6.0

Properties                     Unit               Typical

General appearance                  colorless-light yellow

Ionic nature                                        anionic

Chlorides (as Cl-)             ppm              <25

Solubility                               dilutes rapidly in hard or soft water


 -Mixing with normal polycarboxylate superplasticizer at any ratio.

-Control the slump loss induced by weather conditions.

-Control the slump loss stemming from the minerals, e.g., fly ash, mud/soil, etc.

Performance characteristics:

- By mixing with JBJ, Polycarboxylate superplasticizers provide workability 


  for maximum 120 min as designed.

- Duration of workability also depends on:

-Dosage rate when used as is or with a blend of admixtures:

-Type and brand of cement   

-Nature of the aggregates 

-Method of mixing        

-Method of transportation

-Ambient temperature 

-When added at normal dosage, it will not significantly affect the concrete’s 

  hydration heat.

Mixing ratio:     

The retention of JBJ to the normal polycarboxylate superplasticizer depends 

on the specific designing of concrete workability, 20%-60% in whole mixture

is recommended.

Packaging, Storage   

-supplied in 225kg drums, in 1000kg totes, or in bulk 

and Handling:         

-storage at room temperature is recommended                                

-Recommended storage period: not exceeding 6 months                                

-Mildly acidic material

-Manipulate safely


Warranty Statement:  

the information given here is based on our best knowledge, and we believe it 

to be true and accurate. We assume no responsibility for use of these statements, 

recommendation or suggestions, nor do we intend them as a recommendation 

for any use which would infringe any patent or copyright.

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